Rock'n'Lolo: Spanish Through Music


Educating our kids.

RockNLolo is 45 minutes long full of singing and dancing, while learning Spanish, and most importantly, having fun!

Intended for toddlers up to 4 years old, each RockNLolo's song it was created to make feel kids engaged during the whole learning process. and to create asociation between words and understanding concepts because of context. RockNLolo's program helps to build childs confidense, self-control, and early Spanish language skills through repetitions and original engaging melodies. 

Laura Dayan, founder of RockNLolo, felt a commitment as an artist to challenge herself and challenge the little ones as well, non giving for granted that those little monsters, have a huge facility to learn and absorb it all. 
"Lolo" believes that people communicate better when there is respect and love, that's why she decided to add a simple but super important condiment to her classes. 

She wanted to give the most powerful told for their future to connect and be able to express themselves not only in a new language but also with values and good manners. 

That's the real RockNLolo's Goal. To entertain but also educate our kids, for a hopefully near future better world. Respect and love, is possible when people communicate.


2pm - 3pm


 LAURA DAYAN Musician | Educator

Musician | Educator