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The U.S. Without US contains 6 distopian stories about a future (and now reality) with a Donald J. Trump presidency. This ebook was presented live at the Remezcla headquarters in Bushwick in October 2016 during an event organized by New Latin Wave and Sangria Publishers.
The U.S. Without US is published by Sangria Publishers. 

PDF Format - 1 File - Size: 390kb.


Album 1

The New Latin Wave Compilation is the first installment in a series of albums to showcase the amazing talent and vision from some of the current musicians in the Latinx and Latin American musical multiverse. 
New Latin Wave Compilation is published by Ponk Records

MP3 Format, 320k - 12 Files - Size: 103mb


Album 2

Sin Mucho Sentido, A Tribute To Talking Heads was released in 2014 for the 30th anniversary of Stop Making Sense, as tribute to and showcase of how influential the Talking Heads has been across the Americas. 
Sin Mucho Sentido is published by Ponk Records

MP3 Format, 320k - 10 Files - Size: 109mb

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