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NLW 2018, Proyector Film Program

Proyector presents a selection of short films from New York-based, Mexican filmmakers.

From science fiction to hybrid documentary, pure non-fiction, stop-motion animation, and even a music video, the diversity of styles of this program provides a glimpse at the interests and points of view of an array of expats, now living in the big apple.

Featuring several New York premieres, the program’s filmmakers are: Lindsey Cordero, Claudia Zamora, J. Xavier Velasco, Armando Croda, Gabriel Noguez, Rodrigo Olivar and Fernando Ruiz.
Curated by Sebastian Diaz and Melissa Saucedo.

Proyector is a showcase of contemporary Mexican films that, despite receiving praise and recognition at international festivals, often get limited exposure in the US. The series opens a platform to discuss the films’ atypical production conventions and Mexico's diverse realities with panels of filmmakers and experts.

Dir. Rodrigo Olivar
Cuba 2017
An old musician sharing a taxi cab claims that San Antonio, his home town, was cursed; they had lost the "Manana", a term Cubans use to describe 'the magic musicianss have in their heart to connect with their audience”. He was fleeing to prove his talent before he also lost the Manana.

BLUE (Experimental)
Dir. Claudia Zamora
USA 2016
An audiovisual meditation of the reconstruction of space and memory along the Coney Island boardwalk. Brooklyn, NY.

SKAYYA (Non-fiction)
Dir. Gabriel Noguez
Mex 2018

ASYNC (Narrative)
Dir. Armando Croda, Fernando Ruiz
USA 2017

The Last Light
Dir. Angelita Mendoza
USA/Mexico, 2017
The innocence and the developing evils of youth collide when two children’s paths cross in an abandoned house.

PELON (Hybrid fiction/non-fiction)
Dir. Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda
USA 2016

MANGLE VERDE (Experimental)
Dir. Lindsey Cordero
USA 2012

SLV “BARRAS DE ORO” (Music Video)
Dir. Lindsey Cordero
USA 2017

SLEEPER’S EYE - CHAPTER 1 (Narrative, Science fiction)
Dir. J. Xavier Velasco
USA 2017
A charming girl napping, dreams herself in a haunting moment of oneiric reality.
Part of a one-minute film series created by J. Xavier Velasco.

Dir. J. Xavier Velasco
Mex 2011
Juan works in a uniforms store. A safe, mundane life without ambition. Until one day, La Borrega came along.

ZERCH (Narrative, Science fiction)
Dir. J. Xavier Velasco
Mex 2015
Zerch asks his boyfriend Cano to do something terrible for him. Cano, driven by a powerful love, agrees without knowing he is about to sacrifice more than he imagined.