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Thank you for your interest in covering the New Latin Wave festival.
Press Accreditation is available beginning September 1 until October 15.
Press applications take about a week to process from the time they are submitted.
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Consent and Agreement: 1. Waiver: I agree to hold harmless New Latin Wave, Brooklyn Bazaar and all agents and employees from any liability or claim of personal injury, property damage, or loss arising from my activities or the activities of my agents, employees, spectators, or customers at the New Latin Wave festival. 2. Tax Liability: I acknowledge that I am responsible for any taxes arising from income derived at this event. 4. Use of Images: Any image submitted may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the owner. 5. Badges: New Latin Wave will provide one badge per outlet selected for the fair. 6. All information supplied above is accurate and up to date.