• (Le) Poisson Rouge (map)

En Orbita was always intended to be a dialogue between science and music- an expression of how music connects across spaces, cultures… and potentially dimensions. 

July 15, Le Poisson Rouge in NYC marks the third-ever edition of the festival, with a lineup for the ages. The festival will see performances from none other than the godparents of Latin American Psychedelia, Os Mutantes. Also sharing sounds is the outstanding and recently buzz-heavy Yonatan Gat- the former member of Israeli garage rock outfit Monotonix who recently has been captivating international audiences with his brand of spiritual noise (take a listen, you’ll get it). Martin Rev from the legendary band Suicide will grace the space. Lee Ranaldo and A Place To Bury Strangers represents New York´s noise, Boston-based Chilean band Breaking Forms blesses the stage with what’s been dubbed Bubbly Space Pop, and Tres Warren from the band Psychic Ills is releasing a new project with Berlin based, chilean architect and artist, Alfredo Thiermann called “Land In Sky”. The record was published by the label Sacred Bones.
Alongside a quite otherworldly lineup, the festival will also include talks and exhibits, featuring the performing artists.
Nicole L’Huillier and Xin Liu, of the group Space Exploration Initiative from MIT Media Lab, will be presenting the work they have done which explores the connections between sound and vision, as well as what human expression means in outer space.
Telemetron, Orbit Weaver, and Teserrae are the three projects exhibit during En Orbita, all three of them created with the intention of exploring living systems for humans in outer space.

The main topic of the talks will be: creativity, why we do the things that we do, like the panel:

“Creating back then, creating now”, presented by Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Sergio Dias (Os Mutantes) and Martin Rev (Suicide)

Or the conversation about the Telemetron: a music instrument built to be used in space or in zero gravity, with Oliver Ackermann, (founder of A place to burry strangers and the effects pedal company Death by Audio) and Lee Ranaldo discovering its uses and how it works. 

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