For Cecilia Fernandez, moving her family to a beautiful home in the Long Island suburbs feels like she’s finally achieved the American Dream.  However, when her youngest son, Cameron, starts using heroin, Cecilia feels helpless and unable to juggle the demands of her life.  Cecilia’s teaching career falters, and her relationships with her husband and other sons suffer.  Meanwhile, her second son, Sam, chronicles his brother’s descent into heroin addiction.

Director: Christopher James Lopez

Country: U.S

Cast: Annapurna Sriram, Lauren Luna Vélez, Laura Gómez, Davi Santos, Tony Plana,  Olga Merediz, James Manos Jr., Evan Leone, Roberta Wallach, Chris Kies, Laura Gomez

Language: Spanish with English subtitules

This screening is part of the Dominican Film Festival. DFFNY’s mission is to promote a new generation of Dominican filmmakers along with established ones. DFFNY strives on strengthening the vital economic and cultural relationship of the Dominican Republic with the United States. The festival’s main objective is to inform New York City audiences about Dominican cinema and its relation to the history, politics and social life of the country through an aesthetic approach. The festival’s program will showcase an array of works reflecting the city’s diverse population including a large ratio of Latinos from 21 countries.

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