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In 2012 Chilean physicist Cristián Huepe predicted the arrival of the post-truth era by using mathematic modeling to see how disinformation flows in online networks. As part of an academic research project, Huepe demonstrated that when networks are made of core groups of people with similar opinions connected with few sources of information there is a tendency to reinforce beliefs over facts and reduce the number of information sources you consume to only those that tell you things you agree with. In this talk journalist Miguel Paz and Cristián Huepe will explore this topic, how Huepe came to this conclusion and how filter bubbles and fake news develop. They will also engage in a Q&A abut how this phenomenon connects to multiple other factors ranging from economics, design, the crisis of credibility in public institutions and the media industry. Framed as a joint presentation-interview, the session will include time for an open conversation with attendants. 

Dr. Cristian Huepe is a theoretical physicist and an electronic musician. As a scientist, he leads his own CHuepe Labs Inc. and is one of a handful of unaffiliated researchers that has been funded by the US National Science Foundation. He conducts research in complex systems, nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics, working in various areas throughout his career. His current research focuses on the dynamics of collective motion, complex networks, multi-scale evolution, and the emergence of post-truth in opinion dynamics. As a musician, he has produced and released several albums for over two decades and has performed in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, both as a solo artist and as a member of the Makers of Sense duo. Huepe also develops projects at the art/science boundary, studying and developing music as a complex system. 

Dr. Huepe obtained his PhD in Physics at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, after completing undergraduate studies in his native Chile. He then worked as a postdoc in Chicago, first at the University of Chicago and later at Northwestern University. Since 2006, Dr. Huepe has worked as an unaffiliated scientist and head of CHuepe Labs Inc., supported by research grants and developing collaborative projects around the world. His work has been featured in Science Daily, Focus Online, National Geographic Germany and Wired Magazine, among others. His recent work describing the dynamics of post-truth has received widespread attention from the press, especially in his native Chile, where several articles describing his research have been published.

Miguel Paz is a distinguished lecturer in Data Journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism of the City University of New York (CUNY). A native of Chile, Paz is known for his work as an investigative journalist and digital media strategist. He is the founder of Poderopedia, a data journalism website created in 2012 to keep track of who’s who in business and politics in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Paz is a Nieman Berkman Fellow ´15 at Harvard, a Knight ICFJ Fellow 13´and is part of the board of Global Voices. He has 18 years of experience as a reporter and editor in Latin America. His work appears in three books published in Chile and has been awarded two times in the chilean Journalism Award for Excellence.


2pm - 3pm