Dedicated to celebrating the most current and compelling voices in Latinx art, music, literature and film, New Latin Wave is more than a cultural festival; it’s a multidisciplinary symposium that seeks to open conversations about Latinx and Latin American contributions and identity in the United States by creating a platform for performers, writers and artists. Now in its second year, New Latin Wave will come to Brooklyn Bazaar in Greenpoint on Sunday, October 22 for a day of art and ideas featuring a book and zine fair, a juried video art show, a mini-film fest and a concert. The festival's ultimate goal is to be a resource for discovery and exchange for those both within and outside the Latinx community in New York City and to open up space for ongoing dialogue.

The New Latin Wave launched last year in October, kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with a sold out show at the Mercury Lounge featuring Xenia Rubinos and Ela Minus. Its mission to introduce a New York audience to what’s happening in the Latinx cultural multiverse, the series of ten events brought together 1000+ people for performances, screenings and talks by Latinx artists, creators, and thinkers in the fields of art, cinema, gastronomy, journalism, literature and music.